president Feb 13th, La Cruz, Punta de Mita, Riviera Nayarit Mexico.

It started with the sudden appearance of teams of Nayarit workers descending on the pueblo; shovels, snippers, machetes, brooms and garbage bags in hand, not to mention the VERY rare appearance of a street-sweeper (the mechanical kind). Then came the painters, creating new pro-Nayarit government signs on previously trashy surfaces. And the street crews; potholes not previously repaired were filled, topes (speed bumps) were enhanced and/or corrected AND painted along with all curbs.

So, did it take the arrival of the multiple tiers of local, state and national security forces to clue you onto the fact that a dignitary was coming to town? Did the late night rehearsals at the Marina give you a hint (lights & sound- loud music at 4:00 AM…)?
Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto came to the Marina Riviera Nayarit.  Not just the Presidente, but all 31 Governors of the States of Mexico plus the Jefe de Gobierno of Mexico DF (Mexico City- think Washington/ District of Columbia) would be visiting our fair pueblo.

Nayarit Governor Sandoval did a splendid job of self-promotion and took advantage of his obvious opportunity to grab the spotlight from the other governors (in your FACE! You are in MY HOUSE!) with all of the signage and clean-up (not just here in La Cruz but all the way down Highway 200/officially Blvd. Riviera Nayarit) from here to the Rio Ameca (stateline) and general PRO-NAYARIT propaganda. He got lots of media exposure being seen and paling around with Presidente Peña Nieto as well.

As for El Presidente Peña Nieto (clearly a “hands-on” kind of guy), he sent the mysterious security forces (not just the black-clad, auto-weapon-armed soldiers, but also all the “plain-clothed” Secret Service types) into a major meltdown by ordering his driver to stop during the exit from the pueblo on Av. Langosta in front of Enrique’s restaurant and proceeded up the street through the glorieta to the stoplight at the highway to get some face time and palm-pressing with the people of La Cruz who went crazy. He shook hands, mugged for photos, let swooning teen sweeyhearts touch his face and kissed the obligatory baby. Very well done, El Pesidente. Excelente.