Marieta Islands BeachThe Secretary of Tourism of Jalisco, Enrique Ramos, said it is a matter of days to reopen the Marieta Islands National Park, specifically known as “Playa del Amor”, a place that represents the main attraction of the natural area.

Recall that the area is closed to the public since last May 9  due to the damage that had been caused to the ecosystem because of the excessive number of visitors. Of 27,500 people who came in 2012, step by 127.372 in 2015 , having times that reached more than 1000 people a day, even though the tourism carrying capacity should not exceed 20 visitors inside the beach and 90 in the access area.

Despite the bad publicity you can still visit the Marieta Islands

The area closed to the public, it is only the Playa del Amor, which is the most attractive point for visitors for being a beach in a crescent shape encased in what appears to be a volcano. To get there we had to swim through a cave and go through it to get into the small beach of soft sand.