June: 2015  Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico

Tuna Blanca opens with a chic, romantic, beachside dining atmosphere while serving up the best organic and locally-sourced products of the region, including fresh sea food provided by the fisherman of the Anclote beach.

sidebar-food-mexico-01By Café des Artistes it is a great addition to the culinary scenery in Punta de Mita, offering a diversity of flavors, aromas and colors from Mexico, featuring organic, grilled and simply sumptuous cuisine, served seaside. The menu offers classic Mexican fare — yet with the inimitable style for which Chef Thierry and Café des Artistes is known for.

Favorites:  Cerviche “Tuna Blanca” the freshest of local fish served with green kalamato olives, capers, cure onions, green prickly pear, avocado creme and a corn crumble. Moving forward to the Main Course…we are wild about the Glazed Duck with Tamarind and Chipotle – served with roasted vegetables, banana and a signiture mole sauce. For great  finish to the evening,  Piña Colada gratin parfait with coconut, pineapple-lemon sorbet and aged rum.