The Riviera Nayarit has waves breaking all year round for every level of surfer, from those who are standing on a board for the very first time to those who defy Mother Nature’s extremes. Below please find the Destination’s Top 10 surfing beaches as chosen by the surfers themselves.
10.- Platanitos
Located right on the border between San Blas and Compostela, Platanitos is a beautiful beach break to chill out on and enjoy.
9.- Santa Cruz de Miramar (San Blas) 
These waves are powerful and dangerous because of the rocks but they’re very, very fun for those who know what they’re doing.
8.- Lo de Marcos
This beach has high waves best for intermediate level surfers. Many people don’t know about it but that’s great for those who do—they have lots more room to play. Worst case scenario you’ll share the waves with some 15 people, max.
 7.- Ola Lola in Chacala
La Ola Lola in Chacala, Compostela, is a hidden gem: to get to the bay you have to jump in a fishing boat for 20 minutes due north. This wave isn’t for beginners, in fact, it’s strictly for pros.
6.- Burros, La Lancha and El Anclote
This area of Punta de Mita has several breaks that are a favorite of the destination because they’re calm and laid back, ideal for longboards.
5.- San Pancho
In San Pancho you can start to sense the open sea beyond the bay. It has strong waves recommended for intermediate and advanced surfers—left-hand breaks that can go as high as four meters.
4.- Veneros (Punta de Mita) 
Beginners on the verge of becoming intermediate surfers will appreciate Veneros—it’s a strong, good-sized wave and there aren’t many people around.
3.- Las Islitas
The longest wave in the region is here: it’s very straightforward and you can ride it for almost an entire kilometer. At some point it was the longest wave in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records, but they’ve already spotted others and the longest one is now in North America. At its peak this wave is over two kilometers long and spans the bay at Matanchen.
2.- Sayulita
This is a great beach for beginners all the way to pros, since it has three different breaks coming in from the left, the right and a special section for learners.
1.- Stoner Point Break
This is strictly for the advanced surfer: it’s only available in the summertime with the southern swells and is famous around the world for its strength. It’s located between the beaches at El Borrego and Matanchen in San Blas